Praise for the book

‘This writing is riddled with honesty, with a delight in what most people take for granted and a continual attempt to communicate the difficulties of survival. That she succeeds – and the measure of her success – simply magnifies the loss.’

Carl MacDougall, writer, President of Scottish PEN.

‘Sophie Reilly was already at twenty-one an extraordinarily assured writer, her eye sharp and unflinching, her ear for Scottish demotic unerring. In a flash of genius, the work she has left us becomes greeting and farewell in one, her personal tragedy now Scotland’s too to share.’

Andrew McNeillie, poet (Winter Moorings, Carcanet, 2014), formerly Literature Editor at Oxford University Press, founder of Archipelago magazine and Clutag Press.

‘Sophie Reilly’s writing is powerful. A vivid cocktail of pain, honesty, intelligence and humour. But what shines through most of all is Sophie’s humanity, her compassion. These are extraordinarily insightful pieces from a hugely talented young writer we have lost way too soon.’

Magi Gibson, poet, author of Washing Hugh MacDiarmid’s Socks (Luath Press, 2017) and Graffiti in Red Lipstick (Curly Snake, 2003).

‘Sophie’s voice rings out in these pages through her characters, achingly true vignettes of broken and lost souls searching for some kind of way out. Truly remarkable pieces of writing.’

Frank Turner, singer/songwriter, winner of Kerrang! No Half Measures Award (2010) and two Association of Independent Musicians Awards (2011).

‘The real dark thing and no mistake, like a sweet chaotic cousin of The Trick Is To Keep Breathing.’

Dr Scott Hames, Lecturer in Scottish Literature, University of Stirling.

‘This collection is not only the moving record of a young woman’s struggle with mental illness, but evidence of a lucid, resourceful, and often witty literary imagination taking shape.’

Professor Patrick Hayes, Tutorial Fellow of English Literature, St John’s College, University of Oxford.