Available from November 9th, 2017

” A vivid cocktail of pain, honesty, intelligence and humour.” 

Magi Gibson, poet.

‘…riddled with honesty, with a delight in what most people take for granted…’

Carl MacDougall, writer, President of Scottish PEN.

… a sweet chaotic cousin of The Trick is to Keep Breathing’.

Dr Scott Hames, University of Stirling

“…achingly true vignettes of broken and lost souls searching for some kind of way out.”

Frank Turner, singer/songwriter.


Tigerish Waters gathers together the vital, lyrical writings of Sophie Reilly (1995-2016) – in prose, poetry and drama – alongside the journal which, written over the final months of her tragically short life, bears witness to her terrible battle with a complex of debilitating manic and depressive illnesses.

What emerges, powerfully, is the struggle of a young and talented mind to salvage meaning from the wreckage of her illness, and from a world she often felt was closed to her. But to the world’s beauty, she was more alive than is given to most.


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Edited with an introduction by Samuel Reilly.

Published by Mad Weir Books.

RRP: £6.99. All profits will be donated to SAMH (the Scottish Association for Mental Health). http://www.samh.org.uk

Printed in Scotland, 2017.

Cover image: Tigerish Waters, Tim Reilly, 2017.

129 x 198 mm; 80 pages.

All rights reserved.